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                                                 WELCOME to Prax & Associates (a.k.a. Alaska Reprieve)!

The village of Placencia is beautiful and our facility has enhanced protocols, as well as, the Belize Tourism Board's Gold Standard seal of approval. I’m refining the entry information on this page as things change.  The weather has been fabulous, and the new beach cleaning equipment is enhancing the beauty of our white beach! 

Effective July 14, 2022, Belize has removed all public health measures at points of entry. You are no longer required to purchase Belize travel insurance (it is encouraged, but not mandatory) and you no longer have to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test upon entry into the country. 


  • Other courtesies that you may use, but are mandatory:

    • You are no longer required to wear a mask outdoors. However, you may be required to wear a mask in public areas such as grocery stores, banks, government buildings, transportation, and church services.

    • Maintain appropriate physical distancing at all times (6 feet or 2 arm’s length)

    • Wash your hands frequently or use the provided hand sanitizer.

    • Use sanitizing wipes to wipe down shared spaces and equipment such as bikes and kayaks.

We will continue to monitor and update.  We look forward to hosting you!

Alaska Reprieve Response Protocol for reported symptoms of COVID-19 

1. Upon notification by a contractor, vendor, supplier, or guest, the Response Manager will record symptoms in the symptomatic log and report the incident to the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) hotline 0-800-664- 2273.  


2. The Response Manager will immediately message other guests and anyone scheduled to enter the property of the situation and advise them to avoid contact with potential cases and to evacuate if necessary.

3. If the guest must remain on site for an extended period, the guest will quarantine in their private studio apartment at their own expense.

o For quarantined guests, food delivery has been arranged through an agreement with the Placencia Beach Club. Guests may pay for deliveries by providing their credit card information directly to the Placencia Beach Club.

O All government protocols will be followed by the Placencia Beach Club, which will provide contactless delivery by placing the order on the outside deck of the quarantined guest’s apartment.

o Using the provided cell phone or by going online, orders can be placed, and payment arrangements can be shared. Contact information for the Placencia Beach Club is as follows:

- Placencia Beach Club
- Web:
- Phone: +501-614-4929
- Facebook: You can also message the Beach Club from their FB page.

o If a guest needs to add more minutes to the provided cell phone number, this can be accomplished online at TopUp.

4. After consulting with MOH, should the guest need to be transported/transferred to a designated medical center or hospital for treatment, the arrangements will be coordinated by the Gold Standard Manager. Transportation will be provided by taxi service or, if needed, by ambulance by the Placencia Medical Services & Ambulance at 622-7648. The transportation service provider will be advised of the situation and cautioned to use all preventive means.

5. If a quarantined guest is transported or transferred, the private studio apartment that they previously occupied will not be returned to service until the case has been confirmed or cleared. In the event of a positive case, the manager will arrange a thorough sanitization and disinfection by a licensed third-party expert.

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