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How to Get to Alaska Reprieve After Arriving in Placencia


Alaska Reprieve is located in the village of Placencia on the Caribbean Sea side of the peninsula and at the north end of the famous Placencia Sidewalk.  Here are driving instructions once you arrive at the village.


Placencia Road

When you come into the village, you will be on Placencia Road and will pass the Pyramid House on your right.  It is easy to recognize as the building is shaped like a pyramid and there is a large sign with a dragon.  


Continue to follow Placencia Road and it will make a 90-degree turn to the left.



Left on third road

After making the 90-degree turn, you will turn left on the third road and will be headed towards the ocean.  This is a dirt road that does not have a name but is directly across from the Belize Water Service.  Also, as a landmark, look for the stone pillars which I believe at one time marked entry into the village.  If you see the pharmacy on your left or Top Value grocery store on your right - you have gone too far.



Right on the first road

Next you will make a right on the first street.  Again, it is a dirt road with no name.  There is a new yellow house at this turn.  



This street will make a 90-degree turn to the left and you will see Alaska Reprieve directly ahead behind the wooden fence.



Get Parked


If you have a rental car, there is a dedicated parking space just inside of the wooden fence and to the right.  Ensure you stay in the packed area just at the entrance through the back gate to avoid getting your vehicle stuck in the sand.  

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